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Limit the signal level to the output stage at full volume by adding either a resistor across the phase inverter outputs (after the coupling caps) or by adding series resistance on each side between the coupling caps and the grid bias resistors, or by limiting the signal drive out of the phase inverter by increasing the value of the “tail” resistor to a large value.  Adjust the attenuation so the phase inverter stage starts to clip just after the output stage starts to clip.  If you can prevent the output stage from going too far into grid clamp, you can minimize the problem.  This can also be accomplished by adding a negative-clipping zener circuit to limit the maximum negative swing of the output tube grid drive.  If you limit the peak negative signal drive to a level equal to twice the bias voltage, the clipped waveform will not be “pushed down” into the class B region, because the signal is much more symmetrical, and the average level is centered around the bias voltage

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