Vs: Vs: Vahvistin pieree


A 0.1uF cap should be used on the second input, the grounded grid side for best low frequency balance, and the “standard” 1Meg resistors can be used for the grid bias resistors. Since the effective input impedance will be around 2Meg, the input coupling cap should be no more than around 0.005uF, for a -3dB point of 16Hz. Too high a cap can lead to unwanted “blocking” distortion, but you can probably go up to 0.022uF without too much trouble, depending on the  low frequency bandwidth of the circuitry in front of the phase inverter.

MOI, toi on Aikenin sivulta mistä on ollut puhetta.
Oletko kokeillut pelata tällä 0,005uF-0,022uF välillä onko sillä vaikutusta?